Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We have a couch, there are pictures on some of our walls, and M's been in school for more than 3 weeks. Nathan and I have assignments at church, we've met our neighbors on both sides, and we've survived a tornado watch. M has settled down with a best friend, at least it looks like that right now (a kid who lived as an expat recently, I guess they bonded -- shockingly, he doesn't love the same stuff M does. Ben 10 rather than Star Wars and Pokemon. Must be true friendship.) E has probably tripled her vocabulary since we moved here, and she's moved from words to sentences. Her strategy has long been to make "sentences" by babbling when she doesn't have all the words she needs, so now she's moved onto all real words. She's also learning Spanish from Dora. V is reading even better than she did before, thanks to unlimited library visits. She named our backyard lizard "Bug Eater". She likes him, but doesn't coo over him (she does coo over caterpillars, snails and slugs). She collects acorns from the front yard. What else ... the kids of course have developed as swimmers. One day E decided she wanted to swim on her own (with a swim vest on), and she's so funny to watch. It's mostly leg action, and it looks like she's running in the water. V doesn't use floaties now, and M is working on grabbing things on the bottom of the pool. Nathan's crazy busy, consulting and looking for a company to buy. And I finally have enough time this week to be missing Prague. I love it here, don't get me wrong. I'm very happy, but just missing my other home a bit.