Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Little things I love about living here:

the plastic wrap has a cutting edge
my kids play with children they meet at parks
parking lots
big washing machine
big dishwasher
big oven
blue sky
singing hymns in English
so little smoking
Kashi frozen waffles
Amazon prime
science and children's museums
milk sold in gallons
cotton fabric
oak trees
peanut butter cups
screens on the windows
WRR 101.1 (fab classical music station)
public library -- not a little thing, actually, but I couldn't leave it out
free school
lovely, kind people bag my groceries for me
2-wheel drive grocery carts (they go where you point them!)
great service -- again, not a small thing, but people smile at me (!)
did I mention the sunshine?

Little things I miss about Prague

fresh bread
walking to a destination, rather than going for a walk
Riverside School
small shops
speaking another language every day
"strong" chili-lime chips
the river
wafer cookies (american ones are gross)
tile roofs
public transport
food that actually goes bad after a couple of days
eggs that have evidence of the farm on them
Krtek (little mole)
street musicians
hazelnut flavored sweets
Easter markets
practically free opera, ballet
my phone (new one is not as good)
cell phone coverage
double hinge windows
old stuff

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

We just got back from a great family vacation to San Antonio. We all spent the weekend together, and then Nathan worked a couple of days and I played with the kids. Yesterday V found her version of a 4-leaf clover while we were visiting the bridge in Waco. You know, the old bridge. Waco is also the home of Dr. Pepper, so we went to that museum, too. No cool I'm a Pepper shirts, unfortunately. They had them, but only in white which is not what I wanted.
Here's E at the Witte Museum in San Antonio. It has a cool science tree house, plus a real tree house outside. M's favorite part was a huge floor area with lights. Select your game via computer, and the lights play with you. He played a dodge ball game many times. A light ball moved randomly around the board and he had to get away. If he dodged it long enough, 2 balls started going. Fun!
We met up with some family members and went to a state park. On our hike, we discovered the large remains of a dead tree. E is a super-great hiker. Her big sister, not so much.
Here we are on a river boat tour! The kids had a great time, and the weather was absolutely perfect.
Remember the Alamo! They have employees that memorize something like 30 minutes worth of information about the battle of the Alamo, and they recite it in the beautiful grounds outside. Pretty sweet job. Oh, and we're expecting a baby in September.