Sunday, June 27, 2010

some good-byes

I don't like all the good-bye stuff, I just don't. But there are perks. Some beautiful paintings of Prague, and a doll that my girls have been forbidden to touch. Seriously, a dear lady knitted the doll's clothes, even pantaloons. And the paintings are still drying, because someone cared about us enough to paint them. And yes, maybe this is why I don't like the good-bye stuff. Emotional overload.
The paintings were from one good-bye event today, thankfully mostly focused on the Czech mission president and his wife who are leaving this week. They're amazing! Another fantastic couple will arrive to take over for 3 years. The mission president's wife reminded me I had helped her get settled in her first week in Prague. I do love helping new expats get settled in. There are so many tough things you have to do, and it makes me feel so helpful to tell someone how to find sour cream at the grocery store. Because buying buttermilk instead can be the proverbial straw. Anyway, the zebra is from a much happier event for me, because it was a casual one thrown by Nathan's former employees here in CZ. So not as emotional for me (plus) and I got to see people who actually know how great my husband is (double plus).
It was out at a "chata" - a cottage in the country. The kids had a fantastic time, playing with balls, stuffed animals, the other kids. E didn't stop toddling around, M didn't stop playing some game any game will someone play with me, and V did her sort of floating about routine. Wandering uninvited in the house and taking off her shoes in odd places, giggling.
This picture is out of order, from another event last weekend. Lots of church friends all together :) Again, V is on her own program. M is not pictured. He was playing ping pong, or possibly badminton. Who knew it was so popular.
Nathan got a copy of some book about Lovosice that actually has info about Flexfill! His factory is immortalized, too bad he can't read the text. And a gorgeous Czech glass bowl, an item we had been wanting anyway, and so great that we can remember his employees when we use it. And no joke, Jana actually blew this glass piece Nathan's holding herself. 2 varieties of sugar-free Coke were available at the shindig, Nathan's favorite. Seriously, because of Nathan's schedule and his more introverted personality, in most areas of our lives I'm much better known than he is. It's really lovely for me to see people who can appreciate his awesomeness.

And the trip home this evening? M read out every half-kilometer marker he could find. Commenting if we'd missed one, predicting (correctly) what the next marker would say, and giving other exciting commentary. "Ooooh yeah! 19.5" "9.0. We're getting closer!!!" Seriously getting closer. Our agent has the keys to the new house. The movers are coming in 9 days. School's out in 3.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

signed the papers

Took the girls to the embassy yesterday in order to sign the papers for our new house! They have the only American notary in town, so they can charge rather shocking prices for the service. But it's all done and the documents should arrive in Texas tomorrow morning, when the sellers will sign everything. I'm really hoping we didn't miss any initials ... we checked it twice, but still. Anyway, I showed the kids just the front of a couple of houses when Nathan and I were making up their minds, and this was M's favorite, because it looks like a castle to him. V is excited because their room has the upstairs bay window, which looks like a perfect reading spot to her.
I'm trying to just post photos that don't show too much of the current owner's stuff, just seems like a better idea. This is the view when you walk in. Photographer is standing in the formal living room, which will be entirely empty even when our furniture shipment arrives. Although I might put the piano in there.
I'm very excited about the kitchen. Note the double sink, double oven and not visible ... a disposer! Now I realize that the double sink and disposer are standard equipment, but having done without them for 5 years, I think they rock. Ok, wait. We didn't have a disposer in McKinney or Portugal either, so make that 9 years.
And the unwanted but soon to be beloved pool. First week in the house, I'll start teaching E how to swim. Sunblock, lots of sunblock.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

at least we're enthusiastic

Here's why I love my kids:

One more item I really could have done without on my long to-do list was acquiring water guns for tomorrow's water activities at school. But, with some help of a friend, I managed to find a few minutes to pick some up. I got a couple of traditional cheapies, and 3 water pump type things. They work a bit like a balloon pump or a syringe. They're simple, the exterior is just like a water noodle toy, and they cost about $2. And my kids had so much fun, without ever putting them in the water. Seriously -- E was dancing out of her seat in the car because she was having so much fun just pumping the thing aimlessly, M was pretending to shoot bad guys with water, and V after shooting air in her own face announced "It feels like what Disneyland smells like." Which in V syntax means the smell reminds her of Disneyland (plastic, artificial and fun). $6 well spent.