Tuesday, June 15, 2010

at least we're enthusiastic

Here's why I love my kids:

One more item I really could have done without on my long to-do list was acquiring water guns for tomorrow's water activities at school. But, with some help of a friend, I managed to find a few minutes to pick some up. I got a couple of traditional cheapies, and 3 water pump type things. They work a bit like a balloon pump or a syringe. They're simple, the exterior is just like a water noodle toy, and they cost about $2. And my kids had so much fun, without ever putting them in the water. Seriously -- E was dancing out of her seat in the car because she was having so much fun just pumping the thing aimlessly, M was pretending to shoot bad guys with water, and V after shooting air in her own face announced "It feels like what Disneyland smells like." Which in V syntax means the smell reminds her of Disneyland (plastic, artificial and fun). $6 well spent.

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