Tuesday, June 22, 2010

signed the papers

Took the girls to the embassy yesterday in order to sign the papers for our new house! They have the only American notary in town, so they can charge rather shocking prices for the service. But it's all done and the documents should arrive in Texas tomorrow morning, when the sellers will sign everything. I'm really hoping we didn't miss any initials ... we checked it twice, but still. Anyway, I showed the kids just the front of a couple of houses when Nathan and I were making up their minds, and this was M's favorite, because it looks like a castle to him. V is excited because their room has the upstairs bay window, which looks like a perfect reading spot to her.
I'm trying to just post photos that don't show too much of the current owner's stuff, just seems like a better idea. This is the view when you walk in. Photographer is standing in the formal living room, which will be entirely empty even when our furniture shipment arrives. Although I might put the piano in there.
I'm very excited about the kitchen. Note the double sink, double oven and not visible ... a disposer! Now I realize that the double sink and disposer are standard equipment, but having done without them for 5 years, I think they rock. Ok, wait. We didn't have a disposer in McKinney or Portugal either, so make that 9 years.
And the unwanted but soon to be beloved pool. First week in the house, I'll start teaching E how to swim. Sunblock, lots of sunblock.


Heidi Lyn said...

Looks lovely! You'll have a blast in the pool.

Q said...

So excited for you; that kitchen will be luxurious!

Susan said...

So happy! Only 1287 miles away instead of 4137. Getting closer!

Morgan said...

Thanks, gals! And Grammie, I think the marked improvement in time zone difference is worth a mention too!

TxFrUeAnZ said...

Hey! beautiful pictures, that doll is awesome. I know how you're feeling. We still have another 2 1/2 months here and I'm already tearing up while I conduct the music or teach Gospel Doctrine! It's crazy. I hope you guys have a safe trip!