Wednesday, July 23, 2008

baby names

M has been telling me that we need a name for the new baby, but Nathan and I haven't picked one yet. So I asked M what names he could think of. "Butch is the only name I can think of," he says. "But that's a pet name, not a baby name." Thank goodness he isn't set on it. We're required to pick a boy and a girl name before we have the baby here, so I guess we could always put it on the form for a boy's name. Yeah, so you have to pick the name first and then have the baby -- you can change it later, but doesn't it seem funny that you have to pick it before you see the baby? Maybe he doesn't look like a John! But, realistically, most people decide on a name before the baby comes anyway.


Czechers said...

I think Butch is a great name :) Now that you have a yard you could get a dog.

Georgia and David said...

LOL. That is hilarious! You should totally put that as the boy name.

Susan said...

Now all you have to do is decide between "Cassidy" or "Wax" as a middle name.