Sunday, June 14, 2009

my girls

This is what we do with baby dolls at our house. Isn't she so beautiful? Says the incredibly biased mother. Every child needs a mother who thinks they are the best thing ever. Just saying.
V has been posing for the camera a lot lately. Here she is with a bowl of lettuce from our own garden. V is a skilled lettuce tearer. It's one of the few tasks in the kitchen that she can do with no help, which is very exciting for her.
My kids love these footstool-type things from IKEA. The windows are just right for peeking out of or climbing through. A blanket on top makes a tent. Scoot a kid chair up to one and it becomes a table.
Her pose here reminds me of those people who pretend to be statues and charge you money for taking your picture with them. One of the least exciting forms of street art, but funny in the living room. Among the pile of lanyards around her neck, V is wearing a medal Nathan got from running in the Prague half-marathon last year, or the year before ... anyway, she wore it for a whole day last week and told everyone she met that it was Daddy's. "He got it because he winned a race." So cute -- she and M are both convinced that Daddy won. He got a medal, didn't he?

Totally unrelated item: Jimmy Fallon is trying to reunite the cast of Saved by the Bell on his talk show, and Zack Morris made an appearance recently. No really, he just had to change his name to Mark-Paul Gosselaar because there was already a Zack Morris in SAG. Very amusing for anyone who used to watch the show, and I know at least one of my sibs used to watch with me? Apparently I don't know the show well enough -- he explained away some issues like the show moving from Indiana to Cali at some point, didn't watch enough to know that. Just gotta say -- who is the makeup/hair artist?!? He looks exactly the same.


Susan said...

Nicest thing about having a mom who thinks you're the best thing ever is that she turns in to a grandma who thinks your kids are also the best things ever.

Michael said...

Lots of great photos. I can't decide whether I like best the one of V and the salad greens, or M and the tall tree trunks. The compositions and color are striking!