Monday, May 10, 2010

All hail the mighty state

Yes, we're moving to Texas. Yes, we've been in Prague for 5 years. Yes, we're starting our own company. Yes, I'll be homeschooling V for PRE-school next year. And that last statement is the one that has garnered the most shocked faces so far. Seriously -- she's 4! Nathan's starting his own company, and no one blinks about that one. Oh well, just cultural difference. Public pre-school is free here, so everyone does it.

Some details, for those not on the up and up -- we'll be living in Carrollton, but don't have an address as yet. Nathan's just arrived from a house-hunting trip and we're got an option on 2 houses. Yes, Nathan picked out our house. We've never bought a house this way, but we rented an apartment this way when we moved here. Nathan visited lots of flats, took a ton of pictures, and drew floorplans. Then he made a powerpoint presentation (permanent legacy from his consulting days, I think) with all the details and maps, etc., and we picked an apartment. No problem at all, and no surprises about the flat when I arrived either. So I'm not worried about the house. After a long 3 days for both of us, we've got 2 fantastic choices.

We expect to move in early July. If the house needs it, we'll do a bunch of painting and flooring. Definitely lots of visiting with family, time at the public pool, I need to make sure we've got library bags for everyone, about a million small trips for settling into the house needs ... and M will be doing some testing before school starts. I think we'll find that our summer is not too long this year. We probably won't even have our shipment from Prague before the first day of school. This week we've got companies coming in to give us estimates on the move.

My parents are in town right now, more on that later. I'll post some lovely pictures!

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