Sunday, August 15, 2010

long time no blog

Finally, a few photos. We stayed in an apartment for a couple of days before we left Prague. I had to take this picture of the kids in the cabinet really quick before Eliza fell out.
The kids were literally laying in the middle of the foot path at the Amsterdam airport. I also let them eat off the floor and scrub their backs with toilet brushes. Now, why do my kids always seem to get sick after a long plane flight ...
Best thing about our new house -- the ice cream maker attachment I bought for the KitchenAid. They are eating chocolate malt frozen custard.
This weekend we went to see my grandparents in Shreveport, along with Aunt Naomi. It was a fantastic visit. We had Poppi burgers, the kids played the organ, we chatted. E loved these little dolls that my sibs and I played with many years ago. There are three dolls and 2 beds -- because Gramma and Poppi have a daughter and twin boys. Poor guys have to share a bed.
M lost one of his front teeth just before we went to Shreveport, so the tooth fairy visited him there. The gap is really, really big. I need to get a good picture of it. He's showing off his tooth box the dentist gave him.


Susan said...

I'm so glad the tooth fairy is reliable chez vous. She didn't seem to make it to our house on time very often.

Georgia and David said...

Poppi burgers!! Yum! I hadn't thought about those dolls in a million years:) So so fun.

My neighbor's kid is always appalled at what I let Eli eat (dirt, food off the floor, etc). She does NOT approve. hah.