Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I included this picture because it's pretty much the only good one I've ever gotten of the kids on swings -- I'm always tempted to take pictures because they're stuck in one place. But not still, unfortunately. See the cute shadows? E says good-bye to hers every time we walk into a store.
Last week I got this great package in the mail. By some series of clicks, I ended up on Micalah's blog, Scarlet, and saw that she had tried to give away this adorable dress, but didn't get any takers. Apparently she doesn't live in longhorn land. So I got it! Which just goes to show that random time on the internet does pay off, once in a blue moon anyway. She made it as a sample of the toddler dresses she makes from adult T-shirts. And the color is absolutely perfect for my orange-haired girl. Thanks, Micalah!
She was saying "hook 'em horns" right before I took this. Note the bare feet? Such a luxury -- I'm loving Texas right now, hail and mugginess and all. Little bit helped me check the mail, and she always needs some mail of her own when we do that. Lucky me that we have a constant supply of junk mail to supply her needs. I thought we could escape this for a while, but no. Buying a house gets you on ALL the lists. In fact, some people get on the new house lists on purpose in order to get the Lowe's and Home Depot gift cards and other goodies.
Here's my own take on using an adult T for a toddler dress. This shirt got too short for Nathan after a few washes, but it had a cute picture and was made of nice fabric with a bigger lycra percentage than usual.
So I added a bit of PINK to appease the little one. The fabric I added at the neckline and the bottom is rib knit that I dyed. The fabric was in a flat container, and I added turquoise dye on one end and fuchsia on the other, so there are some purple sections where the two mixed. I never buy white clothes for my kids, but this one is holding up so far. Thank you, Dreft fabric spray.

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Susan said...

Thanks for the lovely photos. And great job on the cute clothes. So clever!