Monday, June 16, 2008

new house!

We spent the weekend house hunting and already found a new home to rent! (It helps that there just aren't a ton of choices :) We had to find a new place because M's new school is not accessible for us right now, only because of traffic, not distance. I went out there this morning to drop off some papers and I got there in 12 minutes, but it took 43 minutes to get back to our current house. Ugh. The new place is in Dejvice, exactly the neighborhood we wanted, on the other side of the river from here. It's a quiet, established neighborhood and close to everything. Our kids are excited because it has a yard! We found this place pretty much as soon as it came on the market, so the prior tenants are still there and the painters are coming next week. They were planning to repaint everything the same beige color, but now I get to pick the colors. Great fun, but I'm never quite sure how things will turn out. The house is a little bland, so color will definitely help, but only if I choose well. And I get to discuss everything with the Czech painter guys, which should be entertaining. I'll post pictures once we get a chance to take some without furniture -- I'm sure the current tenants don't want pictures of all their stuff online.

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Susan said...

Now we both get to have a new house! It sounds perfect.