Monday, June 9, 2008

We survived Disneyland

Here are some folks in front of V's favorite ride, the Orbitron. You can control the altitude of your rocket and M preferred bouncing up and down. V just liked going fast and high.

The castle at Disneyland Paris is supposed to be Sleeping Beauty's castle. There are 15s everywhere because this year is the 15th anniversary of the park.
Goofy at our hotel (we stayed at Davy Crockett's Ranch, which is actually hundreds of trailers in a forest. It feels a lot like a state park :) It worked out great for us because we had more than one room and got to hear birds singing every morning. Staying in an official Disney hotel means you get 2 extra hours at the park in the morning, which was fantastic. We started off almost every morning by riding the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast 2 or 3 times. It's really a great ride -- you get to shoot your own laser guns at targets and the ride keeps score for you. A huge success with our two Toy Story fans and also video game enthusiasts everywhere. The kids also loved the Peter Pan ride, the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups (they rode this often, but only with Daddy. Mommy does not do the tea cups.), and lots of others. The Winnie the Pooh show was a big hit as well. All in all, it was really great. It took V half a day to figure out that we really had to get off the rides at the end. The only downside was the miserable food. Can't they figure it out in Paris, of all places?!?

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