Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First day of school

I know, I know. I haven't posted any pics from our US trip yet, but I will ... we've just been a little distracted. Here are a few snapshots from M's first day of school. I just want to point out that the crazy grin was definitely not prompted in any way, he was just so excited.

M is doing great. His classroom is full of great stuff -- a small shop area, a sand table, puzzles, a computer, etc. His teachers are lovely. We lucked out and got the head teacher of the lower school as M's teacher this year, and he's a guy, which kids love. He's Scottish and the kids get a kick out of the accent, too. M was sold when he played the guitar and sang for them on the first day. Seriously, I couldn't be any happier (which I should be, for the price we're paying). M's favorite things? I think he really loves his backpack, lunch kit, book bag, etc. He loves the dinosaur and batman puzzles in his class. And he wants us to get a bingo game at our house. I don't think they've even played bingo, but he saw it there and explained all about it to me. But true to Wicker form, M was at the reading station looking at books when I left him this morning and again when I picked him up.

We have had a little drama -- M's totally happy when I pick him up each day, but sometimes he really lets me have it after we get out of the classroom. (This is directly related to the food issues, discussed below.) His concerns on the first day were so cute -- he kept saying, "Oh, and I forgot to play with X. And I forgot to do X." Over and over. I think he was so focused on the first day of school that he kinda missed the fact that he'll be going every day for the rest of his life. Today he was slightly stressed that he didn't get the same homework as most of the other kids -- they got a sheet with three letters sounds to practice. M and the other kids who read get to take home a different book every day to read with the parents. Anytime I tried to explain, he kept insisting that he likes letters and books, so he should get both. I think he's got it now. If not, I get to explain to his teacher that he wants more homework.

Food: Apparently talking and playing are more important than eating for M. Yes, the child who would only nurse as an infant when he was absolutely starving has better things to do than eat. Anyway, the best days at pick up time are the ones when he's actually eaten lunch and snacks. I'm hoping it will get better as he gets into the routine ... I'm sending him with lunches from home, so I can't blame the weird hot lunch food, and it means I can see exactly what he's eaten, which is nice. The kids eat snacks and lunch outside, more or less at the same time they're having recess, so it doesn't exactly encourage heavy eating. I love it that they're outside so much, despite the eating issues. I'm sure this will all change when the weather turns nasty.

And the last issue? V, of course. She's doing great with M's absence, but she wishes she could go to school too. She's particularly attached to the sand table and the shop area of M's classroom. M doesn't care if I even walk him to his classroom, but V wants to hang out there forever. She's not the only younger sibling screaming as she exits the building.


Susan said...

Thanks for the update. We appreciate the news and pix. The grin is memorable!

Georgia and David said...

Oh, I'm so glad it is going well for him! I can't believe that recess is combined with lunch--even my best eaters wouldn't eat lunch in that situation!

Poor Vivian:) She'll get used to the one-on-one time, though!