Thursday, September 4, 2008

kids making friends

I am just so amused by the whole school thing. I haven't fully experienced it before, since M was at a bilingual school last year -- many of the kids there spoke very limited English. At his new school, most speak quite well and lots are native speakers. (With varied accents, which is probably good for their brains somehow.) Anyway, this is my first time to hear all about how M makes friends or doesn't, as the case may be. He's already got a couple of boys that he talks about a lot -- they were previously good friends with each other, and M met them on the first day at the infamous Batman puzzle. Today they cemented their friendship by establishing that they all have "the racecar movie" at home (Disney's cars) and by sharing their snacks (is that allowed? I better find out.) M gave away his cheese, which was a huge sacrifice for Mr. I-don't-like-dairy, I'm sure. He's doing better on the lunch front in general, though. V has a best friend in M's class, too. One of the girls plays at the store or the sand table with V every morning, which is so cute. It all makes me feel so "Peanuts" this week. There's even a Lucy in his class with a brunette bob.

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Susan said...

Sounds like Miss V needs a play date! I do miss those days. I especially enjoyed dressing you kids up in new clothes and taking your picture with all your (expensive) stuff.