Monday, March 30, 2009


So I woke up to snow on my birthday, always disappointing, but not unexpected. The weather's getting better now. Perhaps that was the final snowstorm of the year? That's my lovely car in the shot -- as part of my marvelous birthday celebration, Nathan and the big kids carnapped the Volvo and got it washed and detailed while I was elsewhere with the baby.
Here we are with our ridiculous amounts of birthday cake. I'd tell you the story of the 3 birthday cakes, but I'd have to make it up since the real story is not so interesting. Basically, I have the kindest husband ever. Luckily we had friends over yesterday to help us eat it up. Of course I received some lovely presents. M and V took turns helping me open them. And I have to laugh because I apparently always sit in the red chair, with E beside me. So both of us have lots of pics in this chair :)

I'm making a weird face in this picture, but I had to post it because E is so cute! She must have been interested in the camera.
Look! OK, you have to look very closely, but our plants are sprouting in the garden. V and I planted some carrots this week, and we're looking forward to the Easter break because it will be just about the right time for all the summer plants, so we can fill up the rest of our plot. Clever idea? Plant the same item every couple of weeks so that you can harvest over a longer period. You gardeners out there already know this trick, but a lot of it's new to me.


Susan said...

Merci beaucoup!

Naomi S. Adams said...

Cute pics! Looks like you had a cake-stravaganza!!! :)