Friday, April 3, 2009


Just have a sec, because I'm in the middle of packing for ... EGYPT! Yes, we're going to the (man-made) beach and to the pyramids and possibly we'll all get sick from the water, but we're going to EGYPT! OK, so the kids are crazy excited and I think M's teachers have heard about this trip every day for the past 2 weeks. It's a common destination for Czechs, because it's pretty close and pretty cheap and hot when it's so terribly cold here. 4.5 hours on the plane, in the gosh-darned middle of the night. I think the US has laws against flights in the absolute middle of the night. Maybe for noise reasons? Anyway, Europe doesn't have that problem and lots of flights leave at really strange times. We've always avoided that, but we're giving it a go since it's the only way to get to EGYPT! (OK I'll stop the caps now, but you get the point) I've made activity books with coloring pages, etc., all about Egypt and also about Moses and Joseph. We'll be at the Red Sea, so the Moses thing seemed appropriate. We really lucked out because another family at school were also thinking about Egypt during the Easter break, so we've planned our trips together. What's better than hanging at the pool? Hanging at the pool with friends. We even started our kids on swimming lessons a few weeks ago so they wouldn't be freaked about the water. There was no freakage, by the way. Both of the kids lurve swimming and never want to get out of the pool, so I have high hopes for a good week. The only open question is how I'm going to do with the lack of sleep ... supercrank mom is a very bad thing. And what about the baby who really likes to go to sleep in her own bed? I guess she'll figure it out :)


Susan said...

I am so happy for you all. What an adventure! I think I'll go curl up with an Elizabeth Peters novel and pretend I'm going to Egypt.

Georgia and David said...

gratz! what a fun trip!

Grrl Detective said...

Looking forward to hearing all about your trip to Egypt! Sounds like so much fun. Way better than visiting the King Tut exhibit at the DMA, which is as close as I'll be getting to Egypt for now.

- Angel