Saturday, April 11, 2009

this one's for Gramma

My dear Gramma has a picture of me very much like this one, so I had V pose for her. She was quite the bathing beauty this week. I was especially happy to see how brave she got in the pool. After a day or so, she was swimming independently (with floaties on). I'll probably have several posts about our trip over the next few days. It was absolutely fantastic and I've got lots of pics, I won't subject you to all of them. Here are just some general pics from the resort in Hurghada.
Nathan spent so much time playing with the kids in the water, while I played with the baby. E got in the water a few times, but got cold pretty quickly. She likes the pool, though, and splashed around a lot. E was the youngest baby we saw at the resort, and she got lots of attention. She floats like a cork. The resort was very family-friendly. The pool shown here was just outside of our building, the family building. Each room is actually 2 adjoining hotel rooms. The pool had a deepish side and a very shallow kiddie pool. The big pool was heated for the first few days and then mysteriously got cold. Next to the pool is a playground and bar, which served ice cream every afternoon. That was pretty much the best part of the food. It's an all-inclusive resort and the food was like cafeteria food, without the yummy school rolls. The kids liked it and the grown-ups found it edible, if not exciting.
This is what I did the whole trip! Seriously, I spent every morning relaxing in our room or on our porch while E took a nap. Nathan did super-duty playing with the big kids, and I hung out with the one who needs me the most. That would be why I'm still as white as I was at the beginning of the week. Good thing I didn't go there hoping to get tan!OK, E spent a lot of time with her Daddy too, not just me. The Baby Bjorn did overtime, since E loves it.

Hurghada is on the Red Sea, across from the Sinai Peninsula. It's a big Russian destination. No one believed us when we said we were from America. The beach is man-made and quite nice. It's apparently illegal to remove anything from the Red Sea, especially coral. That was mentioned more than once, but we only got one warning about the water not being safe. Priorities? Anyway, the weather was all we could have hoped for. Blue skies, sandals, so refreshing after a long winter. Of course, Prague finally found some spring weather just as we were leaving and is gorgeous today. My garden's very happy.

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Susan said...

Wow, that bathing beauty photo takes me back. So glad you had so much fun.