Monday, April 27, 2009


Here we are at the 1-ring Busch-Roland Circus! It was a fun time for everyone -- even E did OK with it. We saw trained llamas, tight-rope walkers, jugglers, and other acrobats. One highlight was the Mongolian trick riders -- turning around, dragging their feet or head on the ground, and the most amazing one climbed under the horse, of course all tricks done while the horses were galloping. The kids got to ride the horses after the show.
We loved the motorcyclists. 15 people stood in the cage while 2 motorcycles rode around them. Crazy? A bit. That cage is not very big. I was especially amazed when one of the guys on the outside of the group reached his arm way out to get his phone and take a picture. Then the people exited the cage, all limbs intact, and 3 motorcycles rode around, literally upside-down at times. Lots of media were there because of the motorcycle act, so everything slowed down in order to accomodate the photographers. They got their own turn in the cage.

Look! We harvested the first radishes from our garden! V liked the radish a lot, and M did not. More will be ready this week, and the other plants are growing well!

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