Friday, April 17, 2009

science fair and baby food

M's preparing for the school science fair, and he's doing one of the most classic projects ever -- he planted radish seeds and is growing them in full sun, partial sun, and in a closet. Good times.
E had her first baby food yesterday! She had rice cereal and liked it very much. M got a big kick out of that confused look she had when I gave her the first spoonful. She's looking off-camera in these shots because V was next to me. Our baby girl often finds her brother and sister more interesting to look at than her parents. Not surprising at all, as they are more entertaining. She likes to watch M especially, because he talks with his hands and has an expressive face, to say the least.

E loves her feet right now. She can't quite get them in her mouth, you can guess why.


Susan said...

Looks like a great science fair project. I think my mother had some of the worst science fair experiences of all. The rabbit my brother was given for his project turned out to be pregnant and the next morning we had a group of rabbits rather than just one. The other brother was bitten by his project hamster who then killed his mate. We had to do the whole checking for rabies thing.

Morgan said...

OK, so this is why animals should not be included in science projects. That disclaimer about no animals were harmed for this production? Not true.