Thursday, April 23, 2009

funny stuff

We played I Spy in the van a couple of times in Egypt. Our favorite moment went like this:

V: I spy with my little eye something red. (I won't try to write phonetically, but remember that she has a lisp and l and r = w.)

Us: Lots of guesses.

V: Good guess, but that's not it!

Us: Guess, guess, guess.

V: No, no, no. It's something red and it's all around us.

Us: We give up already.

V: It's sunburn!

And here's a funny from her big brother, this also came up during a car ride. We saw a young Czech soldier on the street and had a discussion about his uniform and why he didn't have a gun.

M: I saw some soldiers with Daddy and they had big machine guns (note: this is true). There were two of them and they were twins.

Me: Oh, you mean they looked alike because they had the same uniform on?

M: No, they had the same head.

No real funnies from E this week -- she does make us laugh, but you know, you had to be there. Tonight M nearly fell over laughing when E knocked her bowl over and got pears and avocado all over the table and me. V used to love avocado mixed with her fruit, and I gotta say it's pretty good. Makes me wonder about fruit-avocado salad possibilities.

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