Sunday, May 3, 2009

hiking, baby food, science fair

Friday was a Czech holiday, so we went to Cesky Raj (Czech Paradise) to do some hiking. Cesky Raj is a large area with nature preserves and castles. We got to see the two castles on matching hilltops, but only from a distance. After the 2.5 km hike to see rock formations, the kids were past worn out. It was really nice to get out of the city for a while, but I confess that I like the Panska Skala rocks better.
E was totally uninterested in the rocks, but she loves to watch leaves moving in the wind. She's growing up fast -- I'm busy freezing baby food for her a couple of times a week. There's something quite satisfying about knowing exactly what's in your baby's first meals. And the purees can be lovely -- sweet potato, carrot and plum have particularly nice colors. I like to see all the baby food cubes piling up in the freezer, and E likes to eat them. (Baby food cubes = purees frozen in ice cube trays).

Science fair! Here is M's Partsmaster-sponsored project. Just kidding about the sponsorship, but he does love his Partsmaster hat. His board looked very professional, especially the graph and chart which he did himself. The typed stuff he dictated to me. M explained his project quite well to anyone who would listen. M was the only year 1 student to do a project, so everyone was proud of him. Tomorrow the kids will get certificates and awards at the school assembly.

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Susan said...

I've been thinking we need a freezer to take advantage of the beautiful seasonal fruits around here. Now E has provided another reason to get one! M's board is awesome. No matter what, he's a winner for being the youngest!