Tuesday, May 12, 2009

silly stuff

Nate was browsing on Amazon last week and discovered that one of the top sellers at the time was ...

wait for it ...

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

I'm not joking. Maybe you kids who live in the great US of A know all about this, but if not, this book is a combination of the original text (Austen's stuff is out of copyright obviously) and modern zombie fiction. Eliza and Darcy with lots of zombies, blood, and who knows what else. I do think it's pretty funny, but worth reading? Not.

Here's something else funny on drudge report today. A woman was arrested for neglecting her kid's teeth! I'm probably next, although we do have dentist appointments next week. Anyway, I love drudge report, and Matt Drudge loves to feature stories with shocking headlines, even if the story itself is a dud. This story, of course, is a sad one. I'm sure the little girl was truly in a bad way, and I'm glad she's getting the help she needs now.

A couple of weeks ago, M was playing bionicles or power rescue or something where he was more or less a superhero. His name? Barack Obama, pronounced with a strange Czechish accent: BAR-ack O-bama. He didn't know who that was, just thought the name sounded like a superhero. Or not.


Georgia and David said...

oh yeah, the zombies book was all over NPR when it first came out. I thought it was a joke, but no so! I saw it in person at the book store the other day.

I should make M a cape for his new superhero identity. . .LOL.

Susan said...

Maybe I should write the definitive Ninja/Moby Dick book?

Grrl Detective said...

I think my next novel is going to be Wuthering Heights and Vampires.

My friend Cate was planning to read the zombie book. Not sure if she did. She's a huge Austen fan. Zombies are very popular these days. One of my students was wearing a face mask yesterday and I asked if she was worried about "swine flu" and she said, "No, protection against the zombies." I just said, "Okay." Better not to ask too much.

Here's a picture for your son, if he's not already seen it: http://www.alexrossart.com/rossreport.asp?id=485