Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm still alive and well

I've been busy with other things and lazy about blogging, so here's a quick update on everything. We have a trampoline!  Kids are super-excited and spend a lot of time out there.  V used to do a funny straight-legged bounce but now jumps nicely.  M threw a ball into the neighbors' tree while playing an over-the-net game.  
E is still happy.  This is kind of a strange picture, but it's the only one I've taken recently.  
V's school took a trip to the farm, with parents along.  They all rode Sultan, the farm pony, and fed the horses.  
M had his school play, The Jungle Book.  It was performed by the whole primary school, so kids up to age 11 or so.  M's class were the elephants, as pictured here.  M is third from left.  Seeing them in their oversized t-shirts just reminded me of how small they are.  It's easy to forget that M's very young -- he's the oldest kid at our house!  The play was performed at a real theater in downtown Prague (at the library, actually), and was quite well done.  
We visited friends in Dusseldorf a few weeks ago, and I thought this picture was funny.  Our kids have been together for 2 different weekends now and are BFFs.


Susan said...

No need to identify him. I would know that elephant anywhere. Looks like you're having big fun on the bayou. Enjoy!

Morgan said...

I know, right? We recognize our own. Poor M was a bit disappointed that we're not going to G&GB's tomorrow. "But we're going in June!" he says.

Georgia and David said...

cute elephant! I'm impressed with the costumes. I totally forget how young Catherine is. I think it is the fate of the oldest child that we expect far too much out of them. Sometimes I see her little dimpled hands and remember:)

troglodytis said...

safety net?!?

it's probly a good thing i don't have kids :)