Thursday, October 8, 2009

more sewing

Here's E's new dress, and a glimpse of her chubby knees. (Matching leggings are the next project.) Drafted off of an existing garment, with small changes. It looks more like spring than fall, so good thing it's a bit big. I'm really excited about how my machine did with knit fabric -- not as good as a serger, but it has as many knit stitches as regular ones. I had fun checking out all the decorative ones. Do you see how tall E is getting? She kept changing the temp when I was cooking rice today. Danger!
The front looks more asian than I thought. The original I copied from doesn't, so maybe it's the crazy pattern. The best thing about the dress is that it requires no fasteners. I swear that snaps, buttons, and zippers can take more time than the whole rest of the garment.
The skirt on V I made from an idea online -- it just has strips of tulle slightly gathered and sewn on the outside. It satisfies her need for fancy, but I let her wear it outside. (Dress up clothes stay inside at our house. As do toys, with few exceptions. M's buddies brings piles of toys to school to play with during recess. I'm the mean mommy.)
She wanted to be a zebra, or at least that's what she told Daddy after the fact. Perhaps she was just being a squirt.

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Susan said...

At least she didn't want to be a panther!