Monday, September 28, 2009


We've been playing Apples to Apples Kids the past couple of days. I do like the kid set -- I opted for that over the adult set because there are so many references in the adult set that kids don't get. On the other hand, I think the kid set simplified the vocabulary too much. Yes, V learned an adjective she didn't know, but she's 3. Fun factor is high for both my kids. M can play the game quite intelligently, and I also have fun seeing how his mind works. (Apples to Apples is a truly great game -- each player takes a turn being the judge and throwing down an adjective card. All the other players put in a noun-ish card. The judge picks one.) M was a judge with the word "big". I had thrown in "basement" thinking it surely wouldn't win, but it did. Because "football players" and "popsicles" can fit inside a basement. V just likes to joke around. She throws in something funny and picks something funny as well. E's stuffed animal Myrtle the Turtle is a pretty good player.

I had one of those moments today, when you're doing something and saying to yourself "I can't believe I'm doing this." Sadly, I wasn't jumping out of an airplane or singing for thousands of people. I was saying, "You have to put on underwear before you eat dinner." At the time of the comment, V was standing naked on a stool helping me cook dinner. My low expectations are what made me giggle. No black tie at our house.

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Georgia and David said...

V and Joseph must be made from the same stuff. Joseph's favorite word is "commando." He hardly ever wears undies. . . In fact, the boys need more (I think Seth is finally outgrowing the H&M ones you sent him forever ago - hah) but I was thinking why bother? Joseph doesn't wear them anyway.