Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So I'm finally posting about the first day of school -- it's not quite as bad as you think, we've only been in school for 2 weeks now, unlike some American friends who've been at it for more than a month. So here are my cuties on V's first day, M's second day. They actually look alike to me in this photo, usually I don't see it. M is in Year 2 (first grade), and the work is really starting. He eats it up. Yesterday they talked about some Jewish holidays, so he got to try a bunch of special food. Then it was someone's birthday, so he got cake. His entire lunch came back home with us -- their food was more interesting than ours. All pretty smooth so far. We start swim club in a couple of weeks, so we'll see how that affects our schedule. The pool is not far away, but close to the building-a-new-tunnel zone, which is a traffic nightmare.
V is attending the nursery class 3 days a week. Before they started, each child had a home visit with their teachers. V was so excited on the day her teachers were coming that we had to make zucchini bread and draw pictures for them. Since she's staying full days, she needed a pillow and blanket for rest time. I happened to have some pillow stuffing around, so I whipped up a cute pillow with my lovely machine. (Bright yellow, hot pink with skulls, and a flower button/ribbon detail, all in 20 minutes.) V loves her pillow so much that she actually sleeps at school. The first day she didn't want to go to bed at home because she didn't have her pretty pillow. We'll add that to the list of why-I-can't-go-to-bed excuses. They include these classics: I need a drink, I have to go to the bathroom, it's too dark in my room, I need 3 books in my bed, no not those books, I need the big Pooh bear and the small Pooh bear, my legs are cold, I don't want these pants, I want to sleep in M's bed.

E is the belle at school. She smiles at everyone and shows off her 6 teeth. Her hair is redder than ever, and curly too. She loves to get into stuff she's not supposed to have (laptop, legos, markers) and is starting to understand simple phrases and baby signs. She slimmed down a bit because we had the stomach flu last week, but she's working hard to gain back the weight or grow or something. On Sunday she ate through 5 slices of watermelon, one handful of stars, 2 pieces of chicken, 4 crackers and a bottle of formula. That night she did not have a stomachache, but she did wake up hungry.

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