Friday, September 30, 2011

Crayola reviews

Random, I know, but as E's on the floor coloring, I thought I'd throw out some hits and misses from Crayola. This 64 pack of markers is definitely a hit at our house. The same size as crayons and with the same variety of colors, what's not to love? Of course they're tiny and the ink runs out faster than larger markers, but they're still awesome.

Color wonder books with markers. Ideal for my 2-year-old. No mess and she likes to see hidden pictures appear on the pages. Downside is the price.

I have mixed feelings about model magic. It's lightweight, so easy for small hands to manipulate. It's fun to make your own colors (starting from a white base, you can mix in colors from markers or color a finished model. Downside is that if you actually leave these out to dry, they will harden as promised, but they fall apart easily.

We've tried color wonder sets with paint pens as well as regular paint pens from crayola. Supposedly it's water colors in the paint brush. Really they're just nasty markers. Total fail.

Bath tub crayons! Love these. They color on the tub - even under water -- and wipe off easily. Only disadvantage is that they don't wipe off grout as easily.


Tasha said...

We have color wonder markers and books coming out our ears over here. They're my girls absolute favorite!

Q said...

I love & miss crayola! Thanks for the tips.

Morgan said...

Q, I know! Crayola's just better in so many cases. And we have tons, too, Tasha. Mostly used up and needing to be recycled.