Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween! We had a little drama at the trunk or treat last week, so we had to acquire a new costume (E needed to wear the princess dress). I give you Supergirl! V was much happier with this costume, anyway.

M's been a Star Wars person for several years running, and doesn't seem at all bothered by this. Maybe next year I'll get it together and come up with some new costumes, but maybe not.

So, this is E's princess pose. More like a zombie pose, right? She was so happy to be wearing our one and only princess dress (obviously she would like more, but luckily has a birthday and Christmas coming up).

A note on the pumpkin buckets: we always used grocery sacks for our candy-gathering bags as kids. We often decorated them, which was fun, but only ever managed to get enough candy to fill the very bottom, which wasn't fun. I always thought that those kids with pumpkin buckets were the rich kids. Yeah, they cost $1. Of course, grocery sacks are free. Another note -- I thought that the stash from last week's Trunk or Treat activity at church was excessive, but surely the real trick or treating wouldn't be quite as bad. You can hit a lot more cars in an evening than houses, right? They're further apart. So wrong! The houses give more candy to each kid, so we ended up with an even bigger stash last night! Candy, candy, candy.

And here's a gratuitous pic of M2. He's doing great, and we finally had a normal night last night. As in, he woke up a lot but went back to sleep right away each time after I fed him. Miraculous.

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Q said...

My kids don't seem to tire of wearing the same costumes either. fine by me, just means less work or less money!