Tuesday, November 8, 2011

M2 blessing

Little M2 was blessed by Nathan on Sunday. This is the dress -- the dress that has crossed oceans, mountain ranges and political boundaries. The dress that my grandmother made and so many of us wore. I love using it, but also live in fear that my kid will be the one to finally stain it (didn't happen).

Nathan of course gave a sweet blessing, and it was fabulous to have extended family there and at our house afterward. I have no pictures of that part. Unfortunate, but I think Naomi got a few.

Had to take a picture this morning of E's little orphan Annie hair. It's always fabulous on a humid day.


Susan said...

Quite an event! Thanks for sharing those. And Vivi in the remake of the dress you wore when you were a little girl. A very traditional day! All your children are beautiful.

Georgia and David said...

He's so cute! And big, wow! Such a beautiful dress.

Morgan said...

Well, he's older than our other kids were when we blessed them. But he is on the big side, I think. And turning out to be a very happy baby, hallelujah.

Q said...

Congrats on the baby blessing, he's one big boy! I love the orphan Annie curls too!