Monday, December 5, 2011

funny stuff my kids do and say

First, may I report that 5-year-old V put my newly turned 3 E to bed last night. I had told them that everyone was getting extra reading time while I fed the baby (this is code for I'm sending you to bed early, and they buy it every time and even like it, ha). So V decided to read some herself and then read to E. And since she was brushing her own teeth, she helped E brush hers. And then tucked her in bed! I was so surprised, and then quickly ran to put E's nighttime diaper on her before she fell asleep. Just imagine what little mommy V is going to be like with M2!

Other funny stuff:

E: I'm peed is not a word. I'm wet is a word.

Makes the linguist mommy happy.

M1: I'm buying my lunch today since you didn't bother to make it. (Ouch.)

M2: doesn't say anything, but coos more than any of my other babies. And he laughed in his sleep yesterday :)

I was singing the B-A-Bay, B-E-Bee song the other day and when we got to P there was total pandemonium. V and M1 were both so amused that the song says "pee" AND "poo". Rock on. The song's from a Three Stooges routine and called Swingin' the Alphabet. Check it out:

Also, V let her tooth hang until it literally moved back and forth every time she talked. She finally lost it over a piece of toast one morning, but her nice teacher still let her go to the school nurse to get a treasure box for her tooth. I don't have a good picture of her yet, but I'll get one soon. She's really hoping to lose her other front tooth on Christmas Eve so that Santa and the Tooth Fairy will come the same night. Love that girl.


Q said...

Such cute kids and nothing better than a surprise little helper, way to go V!

RamirezFamily said...

So cute!!! Miss your sweet and hilarious kids!!

Georgia and David said...

I'm laughing out loud. M1 is so funny in a non-deliberate way. Yay for V putting E to bed! I found Juliet in Eli's crib reading him a book the other night. She was in the wrong room which is usually punishable by death, but it was still quite amusing especially since neither of them can read.