Monday, December 12, 2011

Recent sewing and pattern reviews

Here it is! The infamous mermaid doll that E already saw in process. So the picture was taken in my closet -- I don't want her to see the finished product! Some parents tell me that it's OK if their little kids see a present or two ahead of time, because they'll forget by Christmas. This is 100% not true. At least for little Wickers. Every time someone talks about presents, E mentions the mermaid doll. Yeah. Anyway, I made it with a pattern from Dolls and Daydreams -- e-patterns on etsy. It was fabulously easy to follow, and turned out just like the picture in the pattern. Highly recommend her patterns.

Here are some dresses I made recently for V. I've been feeling like I haven't done any sewing since having our newest baby, but obviously I have. Just not as much as I want to be doing. These dresses are from my favorite knit pattern -- Hopscotch by Oliver + S. Yes, her patterns are expensive, but this one has been totally worth it for me. The knit portion of this pattern runs small, FYI. I redrafted the front to make the pink dress. I took away the cross-over yoke and added a pleat instead. Aren't the little buttons cute? A vintage gift from my mom. And on fabric choice -- I think of zebra print as more of a tween/teen choice, but it's so cute on a 5 year-old! The first day she wore it, V spent a lot of time pretending to be a zebra, often using our zebra hand puppet.

M2 has long outgrown these particular ones, but I wanted to mention my sister's e-pattern for zippered swaddlers. It's available from Georgia Leigh Designs. These were very quick to make, and since I use a lot of knit fabric anyway I was able to use up some extra left over from other projects. So they were very close to free to make -- compared with $30 to buy a good one! If you have a baby that likes to be swaddled, these are so much easier to use than other options. And the baby doesn't get too hot, which is excellent (and safer).

A nice boring one to end with -- since I was making E a fabulous present, I thought I should make something for the other kids, too. M1 is getting pillowcases. They take almost no time at all, and he'll love them! I used a tutorial from MADE for this one. And after reading that post of hers, I totally want to make pillowcases for kids with cancer. Planning to make an apron for V, although I was very tempted by the fishy purse on Make It and Love It this week. Maybe for her birthday.

In other news, we went to a holiday party last night with a white elephant gift exchange. Best gifts: fireman cookie jar that says "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the cookie jar", book of cards called using animals to give bad news (picture of a puppy and the caption "It's Syphilis", or "Grandma's Dead", or "Daddy's not coming home", stuff like that), and the definite winner: a live goldfish! So glad we didn't end up with that one. But kudos to the couple who brought it.


Q said...

You've done some fun sewing projects. Even if it's not as much as you want to be doing, it's still amazing that you are managing to do some!

Morgan said...

Thanks, Q. This week I really ought to manage to wrap some presents! :)

Susan said...

Whoa! That mermaid doll. How could she ever forget about that? And your ward gets A+ for the white elephant gifts. I have been to some really boring ones where people came up with things like a box of chocolate covered cherries.