Thursday, January 5, 2012

Project Run & Play Junebug Remix

I decided to sew along for a few of the challenges over at Project Run & Play. This week is a remix of a cute little dress tutorial from Craftiness Is Not Optional. Here's my take on it. I used an asymmetrical color scheme -- 2/3 hand-dyed fabric (the orange fabric), 1/3 Kona cotton with texture. This particular length of fabric I dyed based on a project in Ann Johnston's Color by Accident. Lots of yellow and a bit of fuchsia. It's a no-closure dress, my favorite kind! My kids love clothes they can get on and off themselves. The pattern for the dress is mine (well, adapted from a sloper) -- with cues from the original Junebug dress.

The colors are very Starburst. E couldn't stop playing with the buttons, and although I didn't get quite the pictures I wanted, she was a trooper for being outside in the cold with just a cotton dress on! The yellow trim is made from more Kona cotton. Canary, I think.

There are a few rows of stitches at the bottom, for added interest.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but not as happy as E!