Saturday, February 16, 2008


I made the ratatouille tonight and here's how it went down:

Positives: It was much quicker to make than I thought, it tastes great (to the big people in the house) and it's very filling and nutritious.

Negatives: Mr. I-need-ratatouille of course wasn't as crazy about it as he thought (although he did eat it when prompted, even the big tomato bits and the onions) and little miss didn't like it. Not enough flavor, I guess. She eats spicy indian zucchini like nobody's business.

In other news, it's cold. We've had a mild winter, but this week has been pretty bitter. The power was off for a couple of hours one morning for some repairs. During that time, I got some milk out of the fridge and thought to myself, "Oh, better close the fridge up quick so the food doesn't spoil." That's Texas thinking there. Last time we had friends over for dinner, I chilled drinks on the balcony and they were COLD.

Kid quote
V: I'm Sleeping Building and you're Prince Full Up!

(in Disney, Sleeping Beauty's prince is called Philip, in case you're not up on that kind of stuff.)


Georgia and David said...

The kids have been begging me for ratatouille, but I keep forgetting to go looking for a recipe--which one did you use?

Morgan said...

I used the one in Better Homes & Gardens (but I used different spices -- thyme and rosemary). I can send it to you if you don't have it. I think it's the first time I've cooked eggplant.

Georgia and David said...

Ha--I have BH&G and I never bothered to look if it has ratatouille. The kids' favorite quote from the movie:

"It sounds like 'rat' and 'patootie.' Rat-patootie. That's not very appetizing."


Georgia and David said...

oh and we had to buy enough orange chicken for 200 people for the Blue and Gold banquet this month, so we stored it outside until my committee members could come pick it up. Worked great! We just had to put it on the side of the house that is not fenced to keep it away from Bella:)

Morgan said...

So funny that you mentioned that --M was literally falling off his chair last night quoting that same line to us over and over. 'Rat-patootie! Ahahaha!'