Wednesday, February 6, 2008

V's birthday

Our little girl turned 2! She's been telling everyone about her birthday lately. She's very good about introducing herself at the beginning of a conversation. It goes something like this:

V: My name is V.
Person: Yes! Your name is V.
V: Because it's my birthday.
Person: It's your birthday?! How old are you?
V: I'm 2. Because I have my cake, with fire.


She was adorable blowing out the candles. We had 3 candles, 2 for her age and one to grow on, and she blew each one out separately with a very delicate little-girl puff. And then the lady-like stuff ended when she grabbed a whole piece of cake so she could eat off the frosting. With sprinkles, of course.

After she opened her presents, V cracked us up trying to walk in dress up shoes, carry a purse and push her new doll stroller at the same time. M actually picked out the dress up shoes so that he could share them with V and then was very disappointed that they don't fit him. Not surprising, since he has the loooooongest feet ever. Both kids love the See N Say we gave V. I don't know where it is right now, but I'm betting it's in M's "hiding place" -- he has several hiding places in the house and they are also the black holes for everything he wants to keep for himself. Swords, empty paper towel rolls (sheaths), empty toilet paper rolls (armor for his wrists), hangers (bows), straws (arrows), toys, etc.

In other news this week, our downstairs neighbor (there are shops downstairs, not flats) complained that our kids were jumping while he had a patient in his shop. We had friends over so the moms could have a meeting and the kids were back in their room playing with bubblewrap. Too funny.

We're still working on the voucher program for good behavior and it's going a lot better now. M is learning to be independent and how to save, too. He just bought a dragon mask from IKEA for 15 vouchers. Because of vouchers, he now gets his own yogurt every morning and throws away the trash and puts the spoon in the sink. The best part is that he does all this before I get up. Hooray!


Naomi S. Adams said...
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Naomi S. Adams said...

Happy Belated Birthday to little V! Let me know if the card I sent has even arrived. :) I'm trying to figure out how early I have to send things to y'all to arrive on time. Thx!
Aunt N

Morgan said...

Yeah, it came in time, I think a few days early? I can't remember exactly. In fact, she spent this morning peeling off the butterfly stickers and then coloring the beautiful dragonfly on the front, so it's been well loved.