Friday, October 31, 2008


Here are the kids sitting with their jack-o-lanterns. M designed his himself, V approved my design for the other. They look great on our front porch! Another advantage of having a house instead of an apartment. We didn't have the only jack-o-lanterns in town. A family down the street is half American and even had a ghost in their yard. Their kids came to trick-or-treat us, then we went to their house a few minutes later.

SuperM! M designed the M himself, or at least requested the shape, etc.
I think V's about to get me with her magic wand in this picture. It sounded like she was putting a hex on one house that didn't give us a response when we tried trick-or-treating. We spend Halloween in the neighborhood close to one of the international schools in town. Tons of people descend for traditional trick-or-treating. We brought bags of candy to help resupply people who were running out, so we didn't feel like total mooches. We met up with friends and went around together, and ran into 3 other groups of friends during the evening. I'm sure there were others we just didn't happen to see.

Look at our loot! V dumped hers out immediately. M was carefully counting the pieces. I confiscated a Butterfinger. I figured the kids wouldn't appreciate it nearly as much as I would. The kids had an absolutely wonderful time this year, and we still have the church party to go to tomorrow night.


Czechers said...

Ah man, we didn't get a butterfinger, but I did confiscate a bag of M&M's, though. Vinson would have totally lined his candy up like M too.

julie.matteson said...

Hi--It has been so long since I have looked at your blog! Shame on me. The kids are adorable and you and N look great. Congrats. on #3,
Alyson has found it to be a very interesting # to say the least. :)

When She and I were in Europe 6 years ago we went to Disneyland Paris, found the differences to be very interesting, especially their sense of the macab.

Good luck with your soon-to-be blessed event. I will be checking back for updates and pictures. Please say hi to N. for me too.

Morgan said...

Thanks for the note, Julie! It's great to hear from you!