Monday, October 13, 2008


M had his first little performance at school last week. They had their Harvest Assembly. The kids sang songs, talked about different foods, and collected food to give to the Salvation Army. M was one of only 2 kids in his class to have a speaking part, and he did a great job! I was really impressed with how well all the kids knew the words to the songs, too. M's been singing them at home all the time.

The weather's been nice in the afternoons, so we've been visiting a lot of parks lately. It's been very foggy in the morning, though. Nathan's flight this morning was delayed 2 1/2 hours because of it. He says, "no problem, I got a lot of work done."

V's having anxiety issues, I think. She freaks out whenever friends come over to the house. (Don't most kids freak out when you take them to new places?!?) And she's biting her nails, which could be for other reasons, but in combination with the freak outs, I wonder ... it's probably all due to the

New Baby, who is coming in roughly 6 weeks. I'm still feeling fine, but tired. And why do I never get the nesting instinct? It would come in handy right now. Instead I get the chocolate-eating bug. So sad.

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Susan said...

Always great to get an update. And only six weeks! That seems amazing. Hug V and M for me. Sorry V's taking it hard. Life can be so cruel!