Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the great pumpkin

So we already carved our pumpkins -- well, Daddy cleaned out and carved the pumpkins, and we watched. Seriously, my kids don't like their hands dirty and refused to clean out the seeds themselves. V probably would have given it a try, but she's very much in the mode of doing whatever M does. In fact, she even said she didn't like tomatoes the other day, which is crazy since they're one of her favorite foods. (She quickly changed her mind back, though. Me too sentiment only goes so far.) Anyway, they're really cute and I hope to post pics along with our Halloween photos in a few days.

Baby's growing and doing fine, although it looks like I overdid it this weekend, since I've been having lots of (painless) contractions. Doctor says take magnesium and "do you ever rest during the day?" Haha. I'm hoping it will calm down soon; it really was a busy weekend, with lots of church duties in addition to the normal stuff. My own personal eta is 3 weeks, so 1 week before my due date. But I could definitely be wrong :) Could be 2 weeks late.

The kids went to my appointment with me yesterday, which was crazy long (monitoring, obstetrician, internist to do EKG etc before hospital admittance). They were really good, so we had dinner at KFC next door. They both got stuffed dogs as the toy from their kids meals. M said he would name his Max. V said she would name hers Max too. (See comment above.) So now we have Maximillian and Maxine. Haf haf.


Susan said...

I'm surprised they're even worried about Braxton-Hicks contractions.

Morgan said...

Two issues -- they are so frequent, she says my "womb will be tired" when the day comes. I'm not so worried about that, but the other thing is that I pre-dilate like crazy with this kind of contraction. So I'm already dilating and if I have too many contractions now, I'll be at 6 cm next week and we'll have to deliver. Not a huge deal at this point, but better to wait a couple of weeks.