Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hello, everyone! Thanks for all the responses to my last post :) I know it's been ages since I blogged, so here's an update:

V turned 3, potty trained, and started pre-school, so she's pretty much a big girl now. She really wants to sit in the "way back" of my car with M, but I told her she has to be able to do her own seatbelt first. She's trying hard, but we've had some tears over it.

M added a Bionicles obsession to his adoration of all things Star Wars or Power Rangers. (Bionicles are those scary-looking Lego monster things.) I will mention that I don't support these in any way -- they are fully engendered and fed by his school mates. He worked extra hard on his spelling words last week, because he had a bit of trouble with the word "because". He was very happy to get 6/6 correct on his test last Friday. He uses more british-isms all the time, including "rubber", "full stop" and "on holiday".

E is getting a tooth, which is WAY too early, but there's a little corner poking through her gums. Yay. Even with a little teething crankiness, she's our easiest baby by far. She's very engaged in the world now and often gives one of those full-body smiles (you know, when the baby smiles and wiggles and generally acts like you're the greatest thing ever? total payback for lost sleep.) Some new friends brought us great stuff from the US, including a glow worm for E. She lurves it. All wiggling stops while the glow worm's head is lit. She just stares. I seem to remember Nathan calling it a devil baby, but I think it's kind of cute.


Susan said...

I think I'm with Nathan on this one.

Naomi S. Adams said...

Potty trained? That was fast! I'm sending V a virtual high five.

Hugs to all, including speller M and wiggly giggly E.

P.S. My soon-to-be step nephew (is that right? colby's fiance's son) is also in love with scooby doo on utube.