Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sir Terence Pratchett

In case you didn't catch this in the news, one of my favorite authors has been knighted. Terry Pratchett writes fantasy novels that are funny, satirical, clever ... I think he's one of the most original authors producing right now, and some of his most recent books are the best he's written. I'm really glad that he's been recognized by the Queen, but a little sad that it came after he announced that he has early onset Alzheimer's disease. It feels a bit like, "oh we'd better do it now before it's too late". But I'm sure his name has been on the list as a possibility for some time -- he was the UK's best-selling author during the 90s (until Harry Potter, that is :). For anyone who is looking for a first book of his to read (there are many), may I recommend: Guards! Guards! or The Wee Free Men (this is a young adult book). Those books feature my 2 favorite characters of his -- Vimes and Tiffany Aching, respectively.

It's still snowing here. We haven't had a winter with this much snow since we moved here! The kids are a bit blase about it now, although they still get excited about "snow treat". Growing up we called it snow ice cream. Ingredients: clean snow, milk, sugar and vanilla. Stir it up and eat quickly. Snow does have its own flavor and it's tasty this way! You could also make *ahem* snow cones, but I've never tried it.


Susan said...

Amen to your assessment of Sir Terence. His works are original and way too funny to read in bed if your partner is trying to go to sleep. My favorite Terry Pratchett character TALKS LIKE THIS. My second favorite is Susan, his granddaughter, the oh-so-cool schoolteacher.

Georgia and David said...

I think I'm just going to have to try Terry Pratchett. Off to the library!