Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here's our beautiful baby and her handsome daddy. She had just thrown up all over herself (part of our lame holiday week -- we were sick!), and apparently felt much better. Nathan's still traveling, but will be staying home quite a bit in the next few weeks as they're cutting travel at work in order to cut costs. It won't last for forever, but we'll sure enjoy it in the mean time.
E loves the Bumbo seat. Where did they get the name? Well, there's a picture of an elephant on the front. The Bumbo seat is thick foam and snugs your kid in so they can't get away, without using any straps or belt. And it works perfectly for kids who can't sit up on their own yet -- this is why E loves it, she gets to sit like the big kids. And check out just how big my big kids are! V tends to treat her baby sister a bit like a pet.
Happy Valentine's Day from the "Prince of Hearts".


Susan said...

Wonderful pix. That one of N and E is so perfect you should print it and give to people like me =)

Czechers said...

Wow, that picture makes it so E looks just like her daddy. And I'm way impressed with V's B. Day cake. Good job!