Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oliver + S sewing patterns

What a sweet little neck! This is the back of E's ice cream social shirt. I actually measured the girls before making these in order to pick the right size, and the fit is perfect. I love the button in the back. Have plans to make ice cream social dresses for the girls. The only issue is that I have a real tendency to buy fabric with one-way designs. And the yoke in this pattern is in one piece, so if I were to use a fabric with nap (one-way design), the back of the yoke would show the pattern upside-down. Issue.

These capes took forever, seems like. The pattern is quite straight-forward, nothing tricky, but because I was making two capes and each cape is lined, that means I really made four capes. And two of them were made with velvet, which was a royal pain. The blue cotton velveteen wasn't bad, but the polyester velvet was very slippery. Even with the walking foot. The girls wear these often to church, and E likes to be little blue riding hood rather often. My favorite moment was when we parked close to the kids' school and walked to pick them up. E was a bit cold, so she was wearing her longhorn dress plus the blue cloak. Awesome style. Another day, she wore her mermaid towel to pick them up. It's nice to be three.

Here's the front of V's ice cream shirt and an a-line skirt.

And the mermaid dress! I used the class picnic pattern, but lengthened it and shortened the sleeves (3/4 sleeves are not summer friendly in Texas). She loves it, but refused to wear it to church because it's a play dress, not a church dress. She's probably right. I've got some more Oliver + S patterns to use soon. I've got the fabric and buttons for the girls' Easter dresses. :)