Tuesday, March 13, 2012

V's 6

So, V turned 6 and I kinda didn't blog about it. But now I am! Here she is with the topping tornado from her awesome auntie. Basically, this is a little plastic thing that you pour sprinkles into, push a button a few times, and it makes the sprinkles swirl around! Yeah, there were sprinkles on all kinds of food for a few days. M1 got in on the action, too. It was a job for 2 little stinkers.

I've been sitting on this pattern for a while -- the 3 little bears sleeping bag pattern. V sleeps with two friends, Duckie and Sheepy. Now they have their own little places to sleep. See? I did quilting. These are so, so small, but I still thought finishing the binding would kill me. Part of that is because I was making very small stitches, since it's a toy. Part of that is because hand stitching is not my friend. Anyway, V squealed with joy when she put her toys in their sleeping bags.

She also had very specific requests for her birthday cake. Chocolate cake, vanilla icing and strawberries. She explained that perhaps we could put strawberries all over the top of the cake and then put a few strawberries with the tops still on them next to the cake and that would look really pretty. Ha. I'm not much of a display-focused cook. (Taste, baby, that's where it's at.) So I got into the spirit of it and E helped me make some chocolate-covered strawberries, and V happily helped decorate her own cake. Biggest smile all day was looking at the cake before we cut into it. So glad I could make her happy.