Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wax Museum and other happenings

Here's E in her mermaid dress that I finally finished. I've had a rough couple of weeks with a teething baby, so it seems like this project has been start-and-stop -- OK, sewing when you have little kids is always start-and-stop, but it was worse than usual. While I was taking pictures, she kept asking, "How can I climb this tree?" and didn't want to go back inside, despite the chilly weather.

V just finished up a unit about Texas, and the kindergarten kids had a rodeo yesterday. They were asked to make their own stick horses and wear cowboy (or cowgirl!) gear. She was very excited about making a unicorn (the only one in the school, of course) and wondered if it was going to be creative enough. Ha. I was going to make one for E as well, per her request, but then I saw her swing the stick around. Think we'll pass.

M1 also had a school function recently -- apparently a long-running event at our elementary school. Each 2nd grader did a project about a famous American (they gave different centuries to each class and made sure there weren't duplicates). After doing a bunch of work (timelines, essays, portraits, etc.), they finished up with a wax museum. The kids memorized facts about their famous people, dressed up like them, and sat around until someone woke them up by pushing the buttons on their hands. Then they recited their information and asked, "Who am I?" I didn't realize how totally adorable this would be until I went. It wasn't possible to get a good shot of the kids together, but I wish I could have. So, so cute. M1 was Red Cloud. He led the most successful war Native Americans ever fought against white men, in case you were wondering.

And this is just a picture I find amusing. It's what happens when I ask V to keep the baby happy for a few minutes.