Thursday, March 6, 2008

4-year-old logic

M, after giving me a time out for breaking the rule about sword fighting: OK, you can get up now. The rule is fixed. When someone gets a time out, it fixes the rule that was broken.

V, who has indeed gotten cranky as her cold continues: No! I don't wike it! I don't wike anysing! I don't wike anysing!

We've seriously heard that several times over the last couple of days, mostly about food. Poor thing, she gets hungry, but nothing really sounds good to her. I would worry about her losing weight, except that she's got *ahem* some to spare.

(I measured and weighed them today.
V: 14 kg/31 lbs, 36.5 in/93 cm;
M: 17 kg/38 lbs, 43.5 in/110.5 cm
Although much of the difference in weight to height ratio can be chalked up to the difference in age, V is definitely heftier than M was at this age.)

Other news -- the weather's weird! Yesterday it was freezing and we had alternating moments with snow and sunshine, the sun melting away the snow, and sometimes both together. I've seen weather like that in Texas, but never here. Weather patterns move slowly here, usually. N arrived in Dallas on Monday to 4 inches of snow, or something ridiculous like that. It has since been 60 degrees and they expect snow again soon. Craziness.

Our old nanny is back in town for a visit and I was pleased to see that V remembers her well and M can still talk to her. I was afraid that he wasn't getting any Czech at his school, despite the bilingual education, but it looks like he's keeping up pretty well. I think he's like a 2-year-old in Czech. I love it when he comes home from school or primary with some Czech song. Totally garbled. My favorite? "Je velky nas Buh" (Our God, he is great). It has motions, which are hilarious when M does them. V like to sing "kolo, kolo" from nursery. It's kinda like ring around the rosie.

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