Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Nathan was partially homeschooled (and some extended family members currently homeschool), so I've been chatting up homeschooled friends and homeschooling parents over the years, wondering if that's something I'll ever want or be able to do. One of my biggest concerns is that it would become a burden. But I have to say that lately we've been working hard on M's reading skills, and the time I spend is so rewarding, for me as well as for him. So it relieves a lot of my concerns. Of course, other concerns are still there -- mainly about how to divide time between multiple kids (N says get a nanny), but at least that one big worry has somewhat been laid to rest. So for right now, we'll keep sending M part-time to his Czech/English preschool and do additional schoolwork at home. There's a private school here that I really need to visit, because they do a homeschool support program in elementary school; your kid goes to school on TTh for certain subjects and then you homeschool the other subjects on MWF. Pretty slick.

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Georgia and David said...

That would be a great alternative to just homeschooling (or just school). This was a super hard decision for me and I still don't think I've totally made up my mind:)

Most of M's school work could be done while V was napping at first. Once she gave up her naps she would probably want to join in anyway, knowing her:) When I was considering it, I just assumed I would have to hire someone to help with the housework.

Good luck with the decision!