Tuesday, March 18, 2008


We have a camera in the house again! In the Buzz Lightyear pic, everyone's favorite action figure is shooting his laser (probably at his sister). The book pics are of "The Incredible Book-Eating Boy" by Oliver Jeffers. It is lovely in every way -- aimed at a preschool audience, the text is short and the plot is simple. The illustrations are amazing, especially for book-lovers -- they are collages of lots of book stuff. We even found a bit of Czech text on one page. AND there's a bite out of the back of the book. M thinks that part is absolutely magic. He tried eating a bit of paper today. His report? "My teeth aren't strong enough to eat paper." N: "I used to eat paper when I was a kid.... I liked brown paper the best." The book-eating boy gets very smart and helps with his dad's crossword, suggesting the word "monumental". Now 2-year-old V says "monumental" all the time, just for kicks.


Naomi S. Adams said...

Nice! Glad N and Buzz made it home. :)Thanks as always for the pics!

Georgia and David said...

I like that V only has one sock on:)