Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C

We made chocolate chip cookies yesterday, which was a little bit of a pain, because my brown sugar was ancient and you can only get it at specialty stores here, so we had to make it work. (The best way to fix rock hard brown sugar is by letting it soak up some water overnight. Since we were in a hurry, we ended up with soupy brown sugar.) Anyway, it worked out and we were eating some leftover cookies tonight. The house is actually clean, so I only gave V a small piece of cookie so she wouldn't spread it all over. I told her to eat that and then I would give her more. Of course, the next time I saw her, she had a whole cookie in her hand.

Can I just say that for us the old birth order characteristics are totally true, at least to the extent that our firstborn M really does follow rules. Of course, not all the time, but he does respect them. V totally does not care. Mommy says no? So what. V does whatever she wants. "I'm a free spirit, Mom! I can't be bothered to keep some arbitrary rule. I just want to experience life, to really live. PS I wuv you." Today I was kissed by an empty milk bottle, a plastic orange shovel and a sea witch. "Now the bottle is so happy!" says V.

N will be back soon and I couldn't stop laughing when M was talking to him on the phone tonight. He opened the conversation like this: "Hi, Daddy! Where's my Buzz Lightyear costume and my Buzz Lightyear toy? Is it still in the closet in your hotel or is it in your suitcase?" Every conversation this week has started in a very similar fashion. Every one. Heaven help us if Daddy's bag is lost. "Buzz Lightyear, this is Star Command. We have a problem."


Georgia and David said...

I read somewhere that you can microwave it a little to soften it up, too. Also when I have cookies that are too crunchy, I put a piece of bread in the container and they soften up. I wonder if that might work for brown sugar, too.

Funny, Joseph likes to say he's so happy all the time (only when he's actually happy, though. ahem.)

Morgan said...

Yeah, we've used the microwave before too. Never tried bread, though.