Saturday, April 19, 2008

alp horns

Nathan was in Switzerland a couple of weeks ago and had the chance to try out an alp horn. He came in 3rd in their alp horn-playing contest, after some guys who already played brass instruments. All thanks to my dad's tuba instruction, I think.
And this week, Nathan's been in Norway. Here's the brand-new Oslo opera house. We read somewhere that it cost $750 million. Everything costs a lot in Norway. Nathan spent $18 on pizza and a soft drink at the airport. Ugh.
And here's the interior of the opera house.
M's reading a book to his little sister.
Kids are all ready for a trip to the beach. Too bad the trip never started, due to disagreements over who pushed which stroller and who carried which bag.

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Susan said...

Go tuba man! You never know how your in-laws are going to enrich your life.