Sunday, April 6, 2008

General Conference

M was so excited about General Conference -- I'm not quite sure why, since he wiggles like crazy through it, but he does like it when the choir sings. This time we used a game we found in a church magazine. You mark off parts of a piece of paper and label them with different gospel topics. Then you fill each section with a different kind of small snack. The kids listen for the topics and get to eat a snack every time they hear one. M is a big fan.

V is less of a big fan -- she's all better now, but still overly tired and was pretty cranky tonight while we were watching conference. She decided to try on Daddy's shirt at one point. The rest of the time she begged for candy or complained when I sat on her chair. On the plus side with V right now, we've discovered she has an amazing memory. She loves some board books we have (Mini Masters) and can repeat almost all the text verbatim. M learned a scripture to give in primary a few weeks ago and V can say it, too. Song lyrics, etc. It is amazing how much a second child picks up when you're teaching the older kid something -- and how much they learn from the older kid, for good or ill. I remember several moms telling me about this ...

The picture of people running is from the half-marathon here last week. I stood on our balcony and took a picture of Nathan running -- he's wearing a gray shirt. And there's one of me and the kids riding a turtle at the zoo last week.


Georgia and David said...

Wow, mine would have eaten all the snacks during the first song. We tried having them color the ties on the apostles' pictures. Catherine did three and then lost interest.

Joseph was angry about something recently (during dinner, I think--I probably wanted him to eat. Silly me.), so he stood up and yelled "NO FAIR!" He definitely learned that from Seth.

Morgan said...

Yeah, well, M's not a real food-driven kid. And V is milk-driven. Too bad I just took away her bottle, she's very angry.