Wednesday, April 2, 2008

hot dog!

So, I've lived in the Czech Republic for 3 years now, and I've never, ever bought a hot dog from a street seller. Despite their ubiquity and popularity, I was convinced that one might kill me. But oh, I regret to say that I am sometimes talked into things by my persuasive 4-year-old. Anyway, enough drama -- I bought the kids hot dogs yesterday and M was fine, but V threw up all night. There was a rough moment this morning when I told M that V had been sick. V chimed in "I threw up all over the blanket and Pooh Bear." M, knowing that V had borrowed his blanket the night before, since hers was in the wash says, "She threw up all over my blanket?!?" Yeah, I was kinda hoping to keep that one secret. Luckily, he didn't throw a major fit.

Anyway, hot dogs here don't come in hot dog buns with a slit down the side -- they come in rohliky, the standard rolls. Street sellers just make a long hot dog-shaped hole in the roll and stick the hot dog in. This is great for kids because it is less messy and easier to keep it all together. But harder to get your condiments exactly right. I grabbed the photo from someone so you can see what I mean.


Jennifer said...

i'm so glad i thought to ask you about a blog. it has been fun to read about and see what you guys are up to these days. i have one too, as do my brothers. kris and crystal's is locked (though she'll give you access if you want) but dan and cassie's is available through mine. you can catch mine through my id, i think.

i'm happy to see you are all doing well. i'll check in on you more often now!

V looks like Wickersham.

Morgan said...

I'm glad she still looks like her Daddy! People used to tell us that all the time, but not quite so much now. I'll be sure to check out your blog too and see how crazy you guys are with all your beautiful kids :)

Christine said...

Hey! I found your blog through Cyndi G.'s and wanted to say hello! I can't believe that you have been in Prague for 3 years now! We are in UT and have been for a couple of years. Looks like you are doing well! It's fun to catch up with you this way! Tell N hi from us.

Georgia and David said...


and she definitely still looks like her daddy:)